Tesla is a natural for Tulsa!

Once the oil capitol of the world, Tulsa has embraced new kinds of energy, including electricity and wind.

As of 2020, Oklahoma has more fast chargers for electric cars per capita geographically spread throughout the state than any other state.

Francis Solar, headquartered in Tulsa, is the leader in installing fast chargers throughout the region.  EV owners can find a charging station within 50 miles of their vehicle anywhere in the state.

American Electric Power/Public Service Company of Oklahoma is a strong believer in alternative energy and spends millions of dollars each year researching various ways to generate electricity.  They are also a very strong community partner, supporting STEM and other educational initiatives.

Tulsa was home to Cyrus Avery.  Like Elon Musk, Avery was a pioneer – donating the land to create Tulsa’s first Municipal Airport so that this growing city would attract business and commerce – and identifying a direct source for clean water (Spavinaw Lake) so that Tulsa would be a healthy city.

Avery was also known as the Father of Route 66.  Tulsa is the capital of Route 66, where East meets West, thanks to Mr. Avery, who in 1926 convinced the federal highway department that Tulsa, with the first concrete and steel-reinforced bridge crossing the Arkansas River anywhere in the United States (built in 1917), was the “safe” way for these automobiles to travel from Chicago to Santa Monica.  The federal highway department agreed, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Oklahoma has 410 navigable miles of Historic Route 66 crossing the state, the most of any of the eight states through which Route 66 passes.

Imagine driving a Tesla on Historic Route 66 – crisscrossing Oklahoma, visiting charming towns full of history, and exploring a western and Native American heritage unlike any other.