Shannon Moudy

Chief Information Officer

Shannon Moudy is the CIO of the Route 66 Alliance.

Moudy envisions, creates and develops technology-based, multi-million dollar revenue and growth initiatives, based solidly on industry leaders best practices.  He has served as a valued member of senior executive teams and organizations such as NORDAM, Benham, Spartan Aeronautics, and Media Encounters LLC.  Founding Board Member of  Tulsa Technet.   VP of Information Security and Technology for Defense Technology Group working with Department of Justice and Department of Defense..

Designer and developer of a phone system  for numerous law offices, medical centers, government facilities (including 911 centers) and executive centers across the nation, using open-source technology in an unconventional way for success.

Shannon designed an Internet Radio Station utilizing open-source technology focused on a variety of music, community organizations, businesses and municipalities with a global listenership.